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Not for nothing, but...

Just for my own...I don't know, something...I've come up with an idea for my master's thesis.

Everyone knows the theory of the 'old boys club', be it the military, politics, etc. I'd love to compare real-life women in those high-pressue arenas with fictional counterparts in relation to the psychological implications of power and position. That is, are the fictional characters experiencing the same effects as their real-life counterparts?

I'd have to decide what areas to focus on...I think maybe the military, inner-circle politics and...something else? I was thinking CIA/FBI, but I don't know.

I'm not sure why I was thinking about it, and it may actually be a terrible idea, but I was randomly interested in it.

Bed now. Night.
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[glee] i'm a gleek


Open your media player and shuffle the list. Each song, in order, goes with the 'movie scene'. And don't cheat!

Opening credit: 'The West Wing Suite', W. G. 'Snuffy' Walden. (Wow.)

Waking up: 'I Melt', Rascal Flatts

Average day: 'All I Really Want', Alanis

First date: 'Waiting for You', Seal

Falling in love: 'Desire', Ryan Adams

Fight scene: 'Heaven's A Lie', Lacuna Coil

Breaking up: 'Behind These Hazel Eyes', Kelly Clarkson

Getting back together: 'In Your Eyes', Peter Gabriel

Life's okay: 'Seasons of Love', RENT

Mental breakdown: 'Save Me', Remy Zero

Driving: 'Best of You', Foo Fighters

Flashback: 'Skin and Bones', The Hazies

Partying: 'Don't Cha', Pussycat Dolls

Happy dance: 'Build Me Up Buttercup', The Foundations

Regretting: 'I'm Movin' On', Rascal Flatts

Long night alone: 'Because of You', Kelly Clarkson

Death scene: 'Hold On', Sarah McLachlan

End credits: 'Finale B', RENT

OK, weird. That...works.
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    'Finale B' -- RENT
[glee] i'm a gleek

Oooooh ahhhhh

I just applied for a slew of jobs in Florida with the Children's Home Society, an adoption agency. Case worker, service worker, placement worker...you name it, I applied for it. I'm hopeful...there's something about the idea of helping place children in loving homes that appeals to my soul in a way few things seem to. So we'll see. Plus, Florida...pretty and sunny and beachy. Hee.

Also, for crossmymind and _enharmonic...custard-covered Josh. Yum. You guys hungry? *grin*
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[glee] i'm a gleek


My vacation starts in T-minus 6 hours. I will be away from the Internet and available only by phone from now until Sunday the 22nd. If you really need me--like, it's an emergency, or you just miss me too much and you can't take it *grin*--call my cell. I will talk to all of you again when I get back.

And thank God it's finally here is all I have to say.

Also...Suzzi and Ellie, I love you both so much and am proud to bursting. Sydney and Serena, it was wonderful to see you both. I love you so. Marnai, I adore you, and thanks again for watching my babies for me while I'm off decompressing.
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